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Leonel Jabier Castillo , nickname “Lone”, was born in Victoria, Texas. In 1941, his family moved to Galveston, Texas. Castillo was a very quiet kid growing up, but it didn't stop him from becoming involved in the community and becoming the head leader of many political groups. He was one of the first Mexican Americans to graduate from high school in 1957 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in English from St. Mary’s University in 1961. Castillo, wanting to travel the world, headed to New York City where he had no luck. After being informed that he had been accepted into the Peace Corps, he was sent to the Philippines. Once he had a wife and child it didn't stop him from continuing his education. Instead, he went on to complete his master's degree in community organization. After completing his master's degree, Castillo and his family moved to Houston. Within the first week in Houston, Castillo was very involved with the community and in political groups. He was the first Hispanic Houston City Comptroller in 1972 to be elected by the city.

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St. Mary's University, Texas
St. Mary's University, Texas

University in San Antonio, Texas

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