Lida E. Harkins

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According to Wikipedia, Lida E. Harkins is a Massachusetts retired politician who served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1989-2011. Early life Harkins was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Paul and Lida McMahon. Her father worked as an executive at General Motors, while her mother worked as an executive assistant for several high-tech firms and for the Middlesex County Sheriff’s office. She attended Marian High School in Framingham, MA. She graduated from Regis College in 1966 with a degree in Education and in 1987, went on to Boston College’s Graduate Studies Program: Women in Politics and Government. Harkins was the first graduate of Boston College's Women in Politics and Government program to be elected to the Massachusetts General Court. She has lived in Needham for 35 years, and has three children and nine grandchildren.

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