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Puerto Rican academic, activist and social worker

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According to Wikipedia, Luisa Rosario Seijo Maldonado is a Puerto Rican academic, activist, and social worker. Early life and education Luisa Rosario Seijo Maldonado was born to José Alejandro Seijo and Haydeé Maldonado Vega on 4 August 1959 in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. They were both heavily involved in the founding of the Vega Coop credit union. Her father was a founding partner, along with some other relatives, and her mother became part of its first educational committee. Seijo's first encounter with community work was through a Catholic Action group when she was fifteen. With her parents she visited the community of Rapaurra in Candelaria, Vega Alta. The program, called "One Great Family" consisted of her parents working with the adults, while Seijo took care of the children. She is a great-great granddaughter of her hometown's three-time co-mayor, Jacinto Seijo.

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