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According to Wikipedia, Lynne Irene Spears is an American author and mother of pop singer Britney Spears, as well as producer Bryan Spears and child star Jamie Lynn Spears. Biography Early life and family Lynne Irene Bridges was born on May 4, 1955, in Magnolia, Mississippi, to Lilian Irene Portell , a British woman of English and Maltese descent, and Barney O'Field Bridges , an American G.I. In 1945, her parents met and married in Portell's native London. Spears' maternal great-grandfather, Edward Portell, had immigrated to the United Kingdom from Malta while the country was a colony of the British Empire. Spears has an older brother, Barry "Sonny" Bridges . Their older sister, Sandra Bridges Covington , died of ovarian cancer.

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