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According to Wikipedia, Abdullah Al Mamun is a Bangladeshi physicist who is a professor of physics at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Early life and education A A Mamun was born in Dhamrai Upazila, Dhaka, East Pakistan on 31 December 1966, and he passed the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate examinations, respectively, from Kushura Abbas Ali High School  and  Government Science College in 1981 and 1983, respectively. Mamun  attended Jahangirnagar University, and passed Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in physics in 1986 and 1987 , respectively.  On the  basis of his extraordinary academic results, and performances in other activities at the university, Mamun was given an opportunity to represent Jahangirnagar University and at the same time Bangladesh in “International Youth Village Program-1989” held in Fukuoka, Japan, where he met with Naruhito, the crown prince of Japan.

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