Marcus du Sautoy
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Marcus du Sautoy

British professor of mathematics


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Du Sautoy holds a Title of Distinction Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. (A “Title of Distinction” is an honor for faculty who have served with distinction. A “Chair” is an honor which is funded by an endowment. Oxford grants the “Title of Distinction” for full professors with distinguished records. It also grants Chairs.) Du Sautoy received a first class honors degree in Mathematics from Wadham College, Oxford as well as his Ph.D. in Mathematics, the latter awarded by Wadham in 1991.

Du Sautoy’s career in mathematics has focused on group theory, the study of mathematical symmetries, and number theory, the study of the integers. In England and elsewhere, he is widely known for his popular treatments of mathematics in his many writings and in the media. The British news publication The Independent named him one of the UK’s leading scientists. Du Sautoy is a regular contributor to math discussions on BBC Radio, and serves on the advisory board of, an online math game. Du Sautoy also writes for The Times and The Guardian, popular British newspapers. His latest book, The Creativity Code, delves into the question of creativity in artificial intelligence software—can machines be creative?

In 2001, Du Sautoy was awarded the Berwick Prize by the London Mathematical Society for outstanding mathematical research. He won the Michael Faraday Prize from the Royal Society of London in 2009. He is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2012), as well as Fellow of the Royal Society (2016).

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