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Mariano Di Gangi

American minister


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Mariano Di Gangi was a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.Biography A native of Bushwick, Brooklyn, Di Gangi graduated from Brooklyn College in 1943 and earned a Bachelor of Theology from Philadelphia's Westminster Theological Seminary in 1946 and joined the Presbyterian Church in Canada, following additional postgraduate courses at The Presbyterian College, Montreal. He served congregations in Montreal, preaching in both English and Italian from 1946–51, in Hamilton, Ontario from 1951–61, where St Enoch's Church grew to a membership of over 1,000. He served on the Committee of Evangelism and Social Action of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and was part of the group that produced the Declaration of Faith Concerning Church and Nation deemed a subordinate standard of the church in 1954.

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Westminster Theological Seminary

Presbyterian and Reformed Christian seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania, US

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