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According to Wikipedia, Marie Chapian is an American writer and radio ministry host. She is known for her writings on Christian diet programs, Christian devotional literature, and co-authoring biographies. Career Chapian is known for her Christian writings, health and fitness writings, and co-authoring autobiographies. She has also written one novel, I love you like a tomato which she published as Marie Giordano. She has written a series of books about Christian diet programs, including Free to Be Thin that she co-authored with Neva Coyle in 1979. A second edition, All new free to be thin was published in 1994, along with There's more to being thin than being thin. She created the Blessercize aerobics video, Fun To Be Fit, which is set to Christian music. Chapian has written Christian devotional books, including Mothers & daughters and His thoughts towards me that was published in English and Russian. In 1988 she won a Gold Medallion book award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for her book Am I the only one here with faded genes?. She has won the Cornerstone Book of the Year Award and a Silver Angel Award.

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