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Mary Christian

American politician


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Mary Taylor Christian was an American educator and politician.Christian was born in Hampton, Virginia and graduated from Phenix High School in Hampton in 1941. She received her bachelor's degree in education in 1955 from Hampton University, and her master's degree in speech and drama from Columbia University in 1960. Christian then received her doctorate degree from Michigan State University in 1968. Mary T. Christian and her story can be found in the book Hampton University. She started off as a young employee of the laundry department at the school; Christian then moved on to be a typist at the same school.  Later she turned to education and became a teacher, this was encouraged by the people around her.  She could be seen on campus throughout the years because she not only worked there before she became a teacher, but she also went on to study there as well as a becoming a professor at Hampton University.

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Hampton University

Historically black university in Virginia