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Mary Frances Early

First African American to receive degree from University of Georgia


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Mary Frances Early was the first African-American to earn a degree from the University of Georgia.Early years and education Mary Early was born June 14, 1936 in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Atlanta's Turner High School and went on to graduate from Clark College with a bachelor's degree in Music Education in 1957. Early began her postgraduate work at the University of Michigan to pursue a master's degree in music education then enrolled at the University of Georgia in 1961 receiving her master’s degree in music education on August 16, 1962. She also earned an Ed.S. degree in music education in 1967 from Georgia.

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University of Georgia

Public university located in Athens, Georgia, United States

Clark Atlanta University

Historically Black University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

University of Michigan

Public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

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