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According to Wikipedia, Mary Jane M. Garcia is a former Democratic member of the New Mexico Senate. She represented the 36th District from 1988 to 2012.Biography In 1936 Mary Jane Garcia was born in Doña Ana, New Mexico. Garcia is related to the original founders that settled Doña Ana village circa 1840. In 1966, as a Red Cross volunteer at the Third Field Army Hospital during the Vietnam War, Garcia developed her call to public service. After time spent abroad, Garcia returned to her native roots and began coursework in an anthropology degree program at New Mexico State University. Garcia earned a BA in anthropology in 1983 and a MA in anthropology in 1985. Upon completion of her master's degree in 1985, Mary Jane Garcia published a thesis titled: "An Ethno History of Doña Ana" which became the first documented history of Doña Ana Village. In 1988 Mary Jane Garcia won a bid to the New Mexico state Senate to represent Senate District 36. Garcia is currently a retired businesswoman.

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