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Mary Price Walls


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Mary Price Walls was the first black applicant to Missouri State University. She was denied admission to the all-white university. Instead of receiving a rejection letter, she did not receive any response at all. Later, Walls was given an honorary degree when her son, a current student at MSU, uncovered that she was their first black applicant in 1950. Walls had hopes of becoming a school teacher; however, her dreams were crushed and she was never given a chance due to the segregation of the time. Four years later, around the time Walls would have received her bachelor's degree, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to deny black children the same education that is offered to white students as seen in the historic Brown V. Board of Education case. However, it was too late for Mary Price Walls, who went on to work as an elevator operator.

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Missouri State University

Public university in Springfield, Missouri