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Mary Simms Oliphant

American historian


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Mary Chevillette Simms Oliphant was a South Carolina historian.Mary Simms graduated from Columbia College for Women in Columbia, South Carolina. In 1916, the South Carolina state superintendent of education asked her to update the 1860 history of South Carolina written by her grandfather, William Gilmore Simms, for use as a junior high school textbook. The following year, shortly after her marriage to Albert Drane Oliphant , she finished the book and it was adopted by the state Board of Education. In 1932, Oliphant wrote her own South Carolina history text, The Simms History of South Carolina, which went through nine editions. Later, in collaboration with her daughter, Mary Simms Oliphant Furman , she produced a reader to introduce third-graders to South Carolina history. Oliphant wrote or edited twenty books, including her most ambitious project: collecting, editing, and publishing six volumes of her grandfather's letters.

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Columbia College

College in South Carolina, USA

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