Masatoshi Shima
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Masatoshi Shima

Japanese computer pioneer


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Masatoshi Shima is a Japanese electronics engineer. He was one of the architects of the world's first microprocessor, the Intel 4004. In 1968, Shima worked for Busicom in Japan, and did the logic design for a specialized CPU to be translated into three-chip custom chips. In 1969, he worked with Intel's Ted Hoff and Stanley Mazor to reduce the three-chip Busicom proposal into a one-chip architecture. In 1970, that architecture was transformed into a silicon chip, the Intel 4004, by Federico Faggin, with Shima's assistance in logic design.

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University of Aizu
University of Aizu

Higher education institution in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

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Tohoku University
Tohoku University

Higher education institution in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

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