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Matthew Carley

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Matthew Carley is an English rugby union referee representing the Rugby Football Union. He is a regular referee in the English Premiership and has refereed games at European level.Refereeing career Started playing rugby at . Carley started refereeing at the age of 16, taking charge of Aylesford 3rds v Maidstone 4ths where he was obliged to give his first yellow card to the Maidstone prop, Rob Lindsay, following Lindsay punching a member of the opposite team. In September 2004 he was first person to be offered a RFU refereeing scholarship at the University of Gloucestershire, which ran alongside his sports science degree. After graduating, he returned home and joined the RFU's South East Group of referees ahead of the 2008–09 season. In 2010, Carley was promoted to the National Panel of Referees where he started to referee at National 1 and 2 level and Championship. That same year he debuted on the World Sevens Series in Dubai.

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University of Gloucestershire

University in Gloucestershire, UK