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McCree Harris

American educator and political activist


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McCree Harris was an American educator and political activist leader. Harris worked at the all-black Monroe Comprehensive High School, where she taught Latin, French, and Social Studies.Early life McCree Harris was an African American activist born in 1934 in Albany, Georgia. Her family life was sheltered, as she was raised by Reverend Isaiah A. Harris and Katie B. Harris, who both dedicated their time towards the Racial Equality and Economic Empowerment of African Americans. As the founder of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, the reverend used the church as a means to support this empowerment with the goal of increasing voter registration among African Americans in the south. Rev. Harris, a minister, architect, church builder, and entrepreneur, passed in 1951, long before the Albany Movement began. He was an active leader in the Black Church movement throughout Georgia and deemed a prominent minister in Georgia. At this time, attaining voter registration was very difficult in the south primarily for African Americans. Whites used intimidation including poll taxes and literacy tests to African Americans that were necessary to pay or pass in order to attain voting privileges. These tests often included minor details about the US Constitution which many of the white test administrators could not answer themselves, resulting in African Americans not successfully passing the test or gaining voting privileges. The Reverend compensated by attempting to educate the voters in preparation for the exams to become registered. These tests and racial unfairness sprouted from the Jim Crow laws that enacted racial segregation in the south.

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Columbia University

Private Ivy League research university in New York City

Talladega College

Alabama's oldest private historically black college

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