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Melinda Tan

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Melinda Tan is an academic who is currently rector of the University of Central Lancashire campus in the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus.Career Melinda Tan received a bachelor of arts degree in English language and literature in 1991 from the National University of Singapore and a post graduate diploma in education from the same institution in 1992. She was awarded a master of arts degree in English language teaching and applied linguistics from the University of Nottingham in 1997. Tan remained with the university to study for a doctor of philosophy degree, lecturing there during this time. She received her doctorate in applied linguistics in 2000. Tan lectured at Assumption University in Bangkok from 2001 and at the University of Central Lancashire from 2004. She was appointed dean of Uclan's School of Languages and International Studies in 2010 and in 2012–13 was academic lead for the university's Thailand campus project.

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National University of Singapore

Autonomous research university in Singapore

University of Central Lancashire

University in Lancashire, UK

University of Nottingham

Russell Group public research university in Nottingham, England