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German scholar of the New Testament and Early Christianity

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According to Wikipedia, Michael Stephan Lattke is a scholar of the New Testament and early Christianity. Lattke was born in Stettin, Germany . He was brought up in Solingen and, after attending the Volksschule Wittkuller Straße and Humboldt-Gymnasium before completing his Abitur at Gymnasium Schwertstraße, studied at Bonn, Tübingen, Münster, Augsburg and München. In spite of his Roman Catholic background, at Tübingen he also studied Protestant theology, especially under the leading Protestant New Testament scholar Ernst Käsemann. He received the Dipl.-Theol. from Tübingen in 1968, the Dr. theol. from Freiburg in 1974, and the Dr. theol. habil. from Augsburg in 1979.

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