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Michael Liebel Jr.

American politician


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Michael Liebel Jr. was the Mayor of Erie, Pennsylvania, from 1906-1911, and a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, from 1915 to 1917.Early life Liebel was born December 12, 1870, in Erie, Pennsylvania, and is the son of Michael and Clara Liebel. His father, Michael Liebel Sr. was born June 17, 1843, in Germany and was the son of John and Barbara Liebel, who also lived in Erie, Pennsylvania. Michael Liebel Sr. was 14 years old when his parents came to Erie, Pennsylvania, from Germany. He served an apprenticeship at the shoemaking trade, and in 1861 he started his own boot and shoe business, which he continued for five years. He invested in local realty with his brother Reinhard Liebel, which eventually became very extensive. Liebel Sr. died in May 1906. Michael and Clara Liebel had three sons: Eugene Liebel, who died in 1923, Michael Liebel Jr., and Frederick W. Liebel, who died in 1896.

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