Minnie D. Craig

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First woman speaker of a state house in the United States

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According to Wikipedia, Minnie D. Craig was an American legislator, notable as the first female speaker of a state House of Representatives in the United States. Born in Phillips, Maine on November 4, 1883 to Marshall and Aura Davenport, Minnie Davenport was a bright student. After graduating from the Farmington State Normal School she attended the New England Conservatory of Music and became a school teacher. She married Edward Craig in July, 1908, and they moved from Maine to Esmond, North Dakota where Edward was president of a bank. Both Craig and her husband became involved in the Nonpartisan League, and in 1923, just three years after women won the right to vote, she was elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives. She became known by the affectionate nickname, "Min", but also had a reputation as a serious and meticulous legislator. A 1927 report noted, 1

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