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According to Wikipedia, Mohamud Siad Togane is a Somali-Canadian poet and peace activist. Biography Born in Somalia, Togane was educated in Mennonite schools in Mahaddei and Jowhar in his home country. He subsequently moved to the United States, where he attended Hartnell Junior College. He graduated from Eastern Mennonite College with a BA in English literature in 1969,He returned to Somalia and taught at the Lafole College of Education from 1970 to 1973. Like many other intellectuals, he left Somalia to escape Mohammed Siad Barre's military regime. He settled in Canada in 1973 and acquired Canadian citizenship in 1978. He received an MA in creative writing from Montreal's Concordia University in 1982. He has taught and lectured at many colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. He co-founded the Montreal Somali House and the Somali Peace coalition, and has been involved in several efforts for Somali peace and reconciliation, including a visit to Somalia in 1991–92.

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