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Morgan Hikaru Aiken

American basketball player


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Morgan Hikaru Aiken 加藤 ひかる is a Japanese-American professional basketball player for the B.League. He is currently signed with the Saitama Broncos.Aiken is the first player from Guam to play in the professional Japan Basketball League. Born in Hawaii, he attended high school in Guam, and played NCAA college basketball for Eastern University. Transferred to the University of Texas at El Paso the following year for an opportunity to walk on. However, was ineligible due to lack of credits. Aiken is a part of the Guam national basketball team winning the gold medal at the 2014 Micronesian Games. Also being sponsored by BoingVert and Adidas Japan after gaining popularity on Instagram and YouTube from posting dunking videos at 5'7.

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Eastern University

Christian educational institution in Pennsylvania, U.S.