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Morris Simmonds

German pathologist


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Morris Simmonds was a German physician and pathologist. He was born in St. Thomas, then part of the Danish West Indies . In 1861 he emigrated with his family to Hamburg, Germany.In 1879 he received his doctorate from the University of Kiel, where he worked as an assistant to Arnold Ludwig Gotthilf Heller and Friedrich von Esmarch. In 1889 he began work as a prosector at St. Georg Hospital in Hamburg and in 1909 attained the title of professor. In 1919 he was named an honorary professor at the newly established University of Hamburg.

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University of Kiel

University in Germany

University of Tübingen

Public research university located in the city of Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

University of Hamburg

University in Hamburg, Germany

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