Wali Hasan Tonki

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Pakistani grand mufti and Islamic scholar

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According to Wikipedia, Wali Hasan Tonki was a Pakistani Mufti, Islamic scholar, judge and writer. Early life and education Wali Hasan was born in 1924 to Mufti Anwarul Hassan Khan in Tonk district. His father and grandfather, Muhammad Hassan Khan were muftis in the Sharia Court of Tonk. He studied Persian and other books of Arabic from his father. His father died when he was 11. In 1936 his paternal uncle Haider Hassan Khan took him to Darul-uloom Nadwatul Ulama and studied for four years. And then he studied random books from his paternal uncle in Tonk. After the death of his paternal uncle, he served for many years in the Sharia Court of Tonk. During this period, he passed the Maulvi examination from University of Allahabad and Maulvi Alam and Fazil from Panjab University. Then entered in Mazahir Uloom and complete Dars-i Nizami. Then he studied in Darul Uloom Deoband under Husain Ahmad Madani.

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