Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

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According to Wikipedia, Muhammad Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi is a Syrian Islamic scholar and religious leader. He has opposed both Bashar al-Assad and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Early life and background Al-Yaqoubi was born in Damascus, Syria. He comes from a family of Islamic scholars that traces its roots back to Morocco and has taught the Islamic sciences for centuries. His father, Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi was a scholar. His paternal grandfather Ismail al-Yaqoubi was a scholar and Sufi master. His father's maternal uncle was Arabi al-Yaqoubi , and his paternal uncle was Sharif al-Yaqoubi . Amongst al-Yaqoubi's predecessors three have held the post of Maliki Imam at the Grand Umayyad Mosque of Damascus.

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