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According to Wikipedia, Mustafa Agha bey oglu Topchubashov was an Azerbaijani surgeon, Hero of Socialist Labor, Stalin Prize winner, and recipient of the Order of Lenin. Early life Mustafa Topchubashov was born in Erivan, to Agha bey and Fatma khanim Topchubashov, wealthy landowners of the Erivan Governorate . After completing his primary and secondary education in his hometown, young Topchubashov left for Kiev in 1916 to study medicine at the Saint Vladimir University. Despite the outbreak of World War I and the subsequent Russian Civil War, he managed to obtain a degree and having suffered hunger and numerous arrests in the politically unstable Ukraine, came to Baku in 1919 to work as an assistant at the Department of Surgery of the Azerbaijan State University. Beginning in 1922, Topchubashov worked in Nakhchivan, where he performed the first professional medical surgery both in his career and in the history of this city.

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