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Narasingha Sil

American historian


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Narasingha Prosad "Ram" Sil is an Indian-born American historian. He was professor of European and English history at Western Oregon University, Monmouth, Oregon.Biography Ram is primarily trained in the history of Tudor England and has published eleven books, seventy-four refereed journal articles, five review essays, six articles in anthologies, fifty-two encyclopedia articles in British, European, African, Chinese, and Indian history. Additionally, he published sixty-five book-reviews, forty of them for The Statesman, Kolkata by invitation during 1992–992nd editionNew DNBOBE1992 and 2004. He retired as professor emeritus in July 2011. Prior to joining Western in January 1987, Sil served University of Benin, Nigeria as associate professor of history from March 1980 to December 1986, University of Oregon as assistant professor from fall 1978 to winter 1980. During 1967–71 he also taught in Comprehensive Higher Secondary Schools in Dessie and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He worked in Vidyasagar College, Kolkata and Chandernagore Government College, West Bengal, India as lecturer in history during 1962–64.

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Western Oregon University


University of Calcutta

Public state university in Kolkata, West Bengal

University of Oregon

Public research university in Eugene, Oregon, USA

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