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Natalie White is a former reality TV personality known for being the winner of Survivor: Samoa. A native of Bryant, Arkansas, White has a background in marketing and pharmaceutical sales.Early life White is the daughter of Ken and Diane Powell of Bryant, Arkansas. She graduated from Bryant High School and went on to Arkansas State University in Jonesboro for two years. She then transferred to the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2005. She later went to work for Teva Pharmaceuticals as a sales representative; after 15 months on the job, she suddenly left the company to compete on Survivor.

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Georgia State University
Georgia State University

Public research university in Atlanta, GA, USA

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University of Sydney
University of Sydney

Australian university founded in 1850

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Arkansas State University
Arkansas State University

Public university in Arkansas, United States

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University of Central Arkansas
University of Central Arkansas

University in the United States

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