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Israeli activist and lawyer

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According to Wikipedia, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is an Israeli attorney, human rights activist, and the founder of Shurat HaDin Israeli Law Center. She has been leading the legal fight against terror financing, the boycott and divestment campaigns , and combating the multitude of lawfare tactics utilized against the Jewish State by its enemies. As the president of the Israel-based civil rights organization, Shurat HaDin–Israel Law Center, she has represented hundreds of terror victims in legal actions against terror organizations and their supporters. Darshan-Leitner has successfully recovered more than two hundred million dollars in compensation on their behalf. In recent years, Darshan-Leitner initiated a legal campaign to deprive terrorists of social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which they use to incite violence against Jews and promote terror attacks. In her efforts to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli activities, Darshan-Leitner assisted in blocking the Gaza Flotilla, terminated efforts to indict IDF soldiers for war crimes, and filed legal actions against those who boycott Israeli academics and companies in violation of the law.

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