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Norman D. Newell

Paleontologist and curator at the American Museum of Natural History


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Norman Dennis Newell was professor of geology at Columbia University, and chairman and curator of invertebrate paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.Personal life Newell was born in Chicago, Illinois to Virgil Bingham and Nellie Newell. Shortly after he was born his family moved to Kansas. Newell's father encouraged his early interest in geology from a young age, often taking him to fossil deposits located in Kansas and Colorado. In 1929 at the age of 20 Newell received his B.S. degree from the University of Kansas, and his M.A. degree in 1931. He received his Ph.D. in geology from Yale University in 1933, where he was mentored by Charles Schuchert and Carl Dunbar.

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University of Kansas

Public research university in Kansas, United States

Columbia University

Private Ivy League research university in New York City

Yale University

Private research university in New Haven, Connecticut, United States

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