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Latvian politician and architect

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According to Wikipedia, Pāvils Dreijmanis was a Latvian architect and recipient of the Cross of Recognition medal and the Order of the Three Stars. Career By the age of 40, Dreijmanis was already a well-established mature architect. He had studied in Gatchina, Russia, then at the Civil Engineering Institute in Saint Petersburg. He was called up for military service and sent to study at the War Engineering School in Petrograd. In 1917 he graduated from the school and served in the Imperial Russian Army. After demobilisation he settled at his father's farm in Aloja village. On the day Latvia was declared an independent state, Dreijmanis volunteered for service at the Ministry of War and fought in the Latvian War of Independence. He served in the student's company, later in the 3rd Jelgava Infantry Regiment.

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