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Peter Safar

Austrian physician


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Peter Safar was an Austrian anesthesiologist of Czech descent. He is credited with pioneering cardiopulmonary resuscitation .Early life Safar was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1924 into a medical family. His father, Karl, was an ophthalmologist and his mother, Vinca , who had a Jewish grandmother, was a pediatrician. He graduated from the University of Vienna in 1948. He married Eva Kyzivat and moved from Vienna to Hartford, Connecticut, in 1949 for surgical training at Yale University. He completed training in anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1952. That same year he worked in Lima, Peru, and founded that country's first academic anesthesiology department. In 1954, he became chief of the department of anesthesiology at Baltimore City Hospital.

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University of Vienna

Public university in Vienna, Austria

University of Pittsburgh

State-related research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States