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Poli Marichal

Puerto Rican illustrator, painter and filmmaker


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Poli Marichal is a Puerto Rican artist living in Los Angeles, California who works in illustration, painting and filmmaking. She is the daughter of painter Carlos Marichal. Her works have consistently explored one of two themes: social, political, and environmental concerns, and introspection and emotions. She is also celebrated as one of the first experimental filmmakers in Puerto Rico, starting this pursuit in the mid-1980s. Marichal has also taught printmaking classes in New York City and California. Some of her awards include the Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship and a New Works Grant from the Massachusetts Council for the Arts.

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Building in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico

School of Visual Arts and Design of Puerto Rico