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Rashida Jolley

American classically trained harpist performing in various musical genres


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Rashida Jolley is an American harpist who uses her traditionally classical music instrument in hip-hop, and pop music. Jolley also writes her own songs, fusing many different genres together.Biography Jolley grew up in Washington D.C. during which she attended Christian schools and was home schooled for her last few years of high school. She is a graduate of Nyack College with a bachelor's degree in history. Her father, Noble Jolley, Sr., was a jazz guitarist who taught all of his seven children how to play and perform. Jolley says that her mother chose the harp for her, but she says that it "was love at first sight." Rashida Jolley began singing in her church choir when she was seven and was playing the harp at the DC Youth Orchestra when she was ten.

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Nyack College

Private Christian college affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance