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Rick Roder

American baseball umpire


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Rick Roder is an author, editor, consultant, and educator specializing in baseball rules and umpiring. He attended the Joe Brinkman Umpire School in 1987 and was a professional umpire from 1987 to 1996. His umpiring experience included the Pioneer League , Midwest League , Texas League , Southern League , Pacific Coast League , International League , and American Association . He was the head rules instructor at the Brinkman school from 1990 to 1995 and co-authored the only complete re-write of baseball's professional rules with fellow instructor Chris Jaksa. Roder has authored three other books on rules and umpiring. He is also the author of Frontiers of Faith: A History of the Diocese of Sioux City and We Are Called: A History of St. Mary's Parish, Remsen, Iowa.

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Newman University, Wichita