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Roosevelt Mercer Jr.

United States general


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Retired Maj. Gen. Roosevelt Mercer Jr., SES, is the Director of the Interagency Planning Office for the Next Generation Air Transportation System at the Federal Aviation Administration where he provides high-level leadership for interagency and international collaboration related to NextGen. He executes the collaborative processes needed to ensure efficient coordination among all federal partners whose decisions impact NextGen. The federal partner agencies include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration , Department of Defense , Department of Homeland Security , Department of Commerce , National Transportation Safety Board , National Science Foundation , and Federal Aviation Administration , as well as the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as an ex officio participant. Mr. Mercer is charged with providing executive direction to a dynamic multi-agency and international partnering organization focused on future NextGen technology, policy, and collaborative activities.

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University of Puget Sound

University in the US state of Washington

Syracuse University

Private university in Syracuse, New York, United States

University of Oklahoma

Public research university in Norman, Oklahoma, United States