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Somali-American nurse and health care executive

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According to Wikipedia, Sahra Noor is a Somali-American nurse and health care executive. Biography Noor was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, but spent part of her childhood in Kenyan refugee camps. In the camp, she witnessed a lack of healthcare as she battled malaria and developed a desire to enter the field of healthcare. She moved to the United States as a refugee at the age of eighteen. Upon arriving, her family settled in Arlington, Virginia. She completed her high school career in two years at an alternative high school in Virginia. Noor attended St. Catherine University, where she received a nursing degree. She would wake up at three in the morning to study before taking her daughter to daycare and then attending classes. She later attended the University of Minnesota and received a MSc in Nursing and Health Systems Administration with a concentration in global health.

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