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Sándor Márai

Hungarian writer


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[] was a Hungarian writer and journalist.Biography He was born in 1900 on April 11 in the city of Kassa, Kingdom of Hungary . Through his father, he was a relative of the Hungarian noble Országh family. In 1919, he was an enthusiastic supporter of the Hungarian Soviet Republic and worked as a journalist. He joined the Communists, becoming the founder of the “Activist and Anti-National Group of Communist Writers”. After the fall of the Soviet Republic, his family found it safer to leave the country, thus he continued his studies in Leipzig. Márai travelled to and lived in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Paris and briefly considered writing in German, but eventually chose his mother language, Hungarian, for his writings. In Egy polgár vallomásai, Márai identifies the mother tongue language with the concept of nation itself. He settled in Krisztinaváros, Budapest, in 1928. In the 1930s, he gained prominence with a precise and clear realist style. He was the first person to write reviews of the work of Franz Kafka.

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Eötvös Loránd University

Public research university in Budapest, Hungary

Leipzig University

University in Leipzig, Germany

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