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Sandra Cano

US person, plaintiff in the lawsuit case Doe v. Bolton


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Sandra Cano , better known by the legal pseudonym "Mary Doe," was the plaintiff in the lawsuit case Doe v. Bolton , the companion case to Roe v. Wade .Early life Cano was born in 1947/1948 in Georgia to an impoverished, abusive family. She stood out among her peers, as she was overweight, had Bell's Palsy, and had a learning disability. She went to school until she dropped out in the ninth grade. She met Joe Bensing, a gas station employee from Oklahoma, when she was seventeen years old and soon became pregnant with his child. Her parents called a "shotgun" wedding in 1965 when they found out. Prior to their relationship, Bensing was convicted multiple times as a child molester and kidnapper and continued to violate his probation throughout their marriage.

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