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Scott D. G. Ventureyra completed several undergraduate degrees (including one in economics from the University of Ottawa, a master of arts in theology from , and a PhD in philosophical theology from Carleton University/Dominican University College. He is the author of two books, including the Amazon bestseller, On the Origin of Consciousness: An Exploration through the Lens of the Christian Conception of God and Creation (Wipf and Stock).

He has published in academic journals such as Science et Esprit, The American Journal of Biblical Theology, Studies in Religion, Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, and Maritain Studies. He has also written for magazines such as Crisis Magazine, Catholic Insight, and Convivium, and newspapers such as The National Post, City Light News, The Ottawa Citizen, and The Times Colonist.

Scott has presented his research at conferences around North America, including the Science of Consciousness Conference in 2020. He is currently working on a book about the Roman Catholic priest, paleontologist, and theologian, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, titled Why Teilhard Matters. His website is

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