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Severo Ochoa

Spanish physician


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Severo Ochoa de Albornoz was a Spanish physician and biochemist, and joint winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Arthur Kornberg.Education and early life Ochoa was born in Luarca , Spain. His father was Severo Manuel Ochoa, , a lawyer and businessman, and his mother was Carmen de Albornoz. Ochoa was the nephew of Álvaro de Albornoz , and a cousin of the poet and critic Aurora de Albornoz. His father died when Ochoa was seven, and he and his mother moved to Málaga, where he attended elementary school through high school. His interest in biology was stimulated by the publications of the Spanish neurologist and Nobel laureate Santiago Ramón y Cajal. In 1923, he went to the University of Madrid Medical School, where he hoped to work with Cajal, but Cajal retired. He studied with father Pedro Arrupe, and Juan Negrín was his teacher.

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Heidelberg University

Public research university in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Autonomous University of Madrid

Spanish public university established in 1968

New York University

Private research university in New York City

University of Washington

Public research university in Seattle, Washington, United States

Complutense University of Madrid

University in Madrid, and one of the oldest universities in the world

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