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Slater Rhea

American singer-songwriter in China


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Slater Rhea is an American singer, songwriter and TV personality on national TV in China. Rhea is a regular performer on Chinese music and entertainment programs, having made appearances on China Central Television, China Education Television, Jiangsu TV, Beijing TV, Inner Mongolia TV, Yunnan TV, Anhui TV, as well as other local and provincial stations across China. Rhea performs in Chinese , Mongolian, and English. While he rose to prominence in China for singing traditional Chinese folk tunes, he also writes and sings Chinese pop and educational music and performs a variety of English-language material including American jazz standards and rock-and-roll.

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Nanjing University

Public university in Nanjing, China

Johns Hopkins University

University in Baltimore, Maryland, United States

University of Oklahoma

Public research university in Norman, Oklahoma, United States