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Steven Hager

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Steven Hager is an American writer, journalist, filmmaker, and counterculture and cannabis rights activist.Biography Early life and career Hager was born on May 25, 1951, in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, the son of Lowell P. Hager and Frances Faye Erea Hager. While a student in junior high, he established his first publication, the Cap'n Crunch Courier, a humor xerox zine that was given away free. Two years later, while a student at Urbana High School, he created The Tin Whistle, a monthly newspaper that was eventually distributed in four high schools in Central Illinois. One of his friends, Jim Wilson , became the first black elected Senior Class President at Urbana High. Wilson was later banned from the football team, even though he had been the starting end and place kicker because of his association with Hager. Hager briefly visited Haight-Ashbury in 1968, and the following year he attended the first Woodstock festival. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater , and a Masters of Science in Journalism, both from the University of Illinois.

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