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Sussan Tahmasebi

Human rights activist


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Sussan Tahmasebi is a leading women's rights advocate and expert from Iran. Her work has focused on promoting women's rights and peace in the Middle East and North Africa and Asia. Tahmasebi is the co-founder and Executive Director of FEMENA, an organization which supports women human rights defenders, their organizations and feminist movements in the Middle East and North Africa and Asia regions Tahmasebi is a leading expert on the situation of women in Iran and the Middle East. She is a founding member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, a grassroots effort working to end gender-biased laws in Iran. While in Iran Tahmasebi also worked to support the development of Iran's emerging civil society. To this end she co-founded the Iran CSO Training and Research Center and served as its board member. In the US she continued her work to promote women's rights and strengthen civil society with an expanded focus on the MENA/Asia region. She served as the Director of MENA/Asia region at the International Civil Society Action Network , an organization focused on promoting peace and women's rights, which she co-founded.

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