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Svetlana Reingold

Israeli museologist and curator


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Svetlana Reingold is an Israelii museologist and curator, who is currently serving as Chief Curator of Haifa Museum of Art.Biography Svetlana Reingold graduated from Haifa University in 1996 with BA degree and in 2000 received MA degree from the same university. Reingold worked in different positions in Haifa Museums from 1996 till 2010, when she was appointed curator of the Mane Katz Museum. She was additionally appointed to be curator of Hermann Struck Museum in 2013. Reingold was appointed curator of Haifa Museum of Art in March 2015. In her work as curator, Reingold is a major proponent of "Artivism" and the idea that art is not only here for beauty, but also is a major part of changing the world.

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University of Haifa

Israeli University in Haifa