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Taylor Mali

American slam poet, humorist, teacher, and voiceover artist.


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Taylor McDowell Mali is an American slam poet, humorist, teacher, and voiceover artist.Life A 12th-generation native of New York City, Taylor Mali graduated from the Collegiate School, a private school for boys, in 1983. He received a B.A. in English from Bowdoin College in 1987 and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing from Kansas State University in 1993. One of four children, his mother was children's book author Jane L. Mali, a recipient of the American Book AwardJohn Taylor Johnston, founding president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has married three times. His first wife was Rebecca Ruth Tauber and his second wife was Marie-Elizabeth Mundheim . On August 11, 2013, Mali married Rachel Kahan. On January 2, 2015, he became a father to a baby boy, and in 2017 a baby girl.

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Kansas State University

Public university in the state of Kansas

Bowdoin College

Private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine