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Tiegbe Bamba

French basketball player


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Tiegbe Bamba is a professional Franco-Ivorian Basketball player. He plays for the Ivory Coast national basketball team.Club career Bamba started playing for the Limoges Under 21 Basketball club in the Pro A French U21 basketball league at the age of 19. In 2015, He played for the Châlons-Reims in the French Jeep Elite league where he averaged 2.5points. He moved to the Greek side PSYHIKO ATHENS where he averaged 6.7 points he moved to the Romanian division A league side TIMBA TIMISOARA where he averaged 9.2 points per game. In the same season, he moved to the French LNB STB Le Havre where he averaged 4.5 points. HE later moved to the C'Chartres Basket where he averaged 9.5points.

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