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According to Wikipedia, Tina Paulino is an 800 metres runner from Mozambique. Early life Born in Inhambane, Tina Paulino is a distant cousin of Maria de Lurdes Mutola. She started competing in 1992 at the age of 18, having already played basketball for the national team. Stelio Craveirinha, son of the poet Jose Craveirinha and himself a former national long jump record holder, was the man responsible for introducing her to athletics. She competed in a number of road races, but there was no track competition for her in Mozambique. Craveirinha, however, managed to convince the National Olympic Committee to send her to Portugal on a training camp. Her results were impressive given the short time that she had been running seriously: she won the Portuguese national 800 m title in a time of 2:03.84, faster than Mutola ran in her first race outside of Mozambique.

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