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Tom Knight

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Tom Knight is a synthetic biologist and computer engineer for his company, Ginkgo Bioworks. He began his studies at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology at the tender age of 14, taking advantage of the school’s close proximity to his home.

With a background in computer programming and organic chemistry, he has made a number of important contributions to computer science. His work featured prominently in the creation of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. He wrote the original kernel for ITS operating system and designed one of the earliest semiconductor memory-based bitmap displays.

Some other important contributions to the field include the first silicon retina, the single-chip optical mouse and the Transit multiprocessor interconnection architecture. He co-founded Permabit and Exa Corporation, businesses that supply and develop B2B technology solutions.

With Jack Holloway, he designed and rolled out Chaosnet, the first LAN on MIT’s campus. Aside from his computer science work, Knight was keenly interested in synthetic biology. From his biology lab, he developed a library of BioBricks, leading to his informal coronation as the godfather of synthetic biology. These Biobricks form the foundation of the annual iGEM competition.

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Tom Knight is an American synthetic biologist and computer engineer, who was formerly a senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a part of the MIT School of Engineering. He now works at the synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks, which he cofounded in 2008.

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