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Valerie Sayers

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Valerie Sayers is an American writer and the author of six novels: The Powers ; Brain Fever ; The Distance Between Us ; Who Do You Love ; How I Got Him Back, or, Under the Cold Moon’s Shine ; and Due East . Brain Fever and Who Do You Love were named New York Times "Notable Books of the Year", and the 2002 film Due East is based on her first two novels. Reviewing Who Do You Love, The Chicago Tribune declared: "To say that Valerie Sayers is a natural-born writer wildly underestimates the facts…. She has carved out for herself a corner of the South as clearly delineated as Faulkner’s famous Yoknapatawpha County, a sense of the importance and holiness of place that calls to mind Eudora Welty’s writing on the subject."

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University of Notre Dame

Catholic university located in South Bend, Indiana, United States

Columbia University

Private Ivy League research university in New York City

Fordham University

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